April 2012 Sermons

The Word is preached at Vine Street Baptist Church. We welcome you to listen to each of these messages.  The full audio can be heard by clicking on a date link below, or right-click and select “Save As” to save the file to your computer.  Click on the scripture reference to follow along with the reading.

4/15/2012 AM Acts 3:1-26 Easter Blessings (Part 2) Ben Dockery
4/15/2012 PM Judges 10:6-16 Putting Away Your Foreign Idols Dwayne Ewers
4/22/2012 AM Acts 4:1-12 The Name By Which We Must Be Saved: Apostolic Counter Confrontation in the Urgency of Gospel Proclamation Dwayne Ewers
4/29/2012 AM Acts 4:13-22 Listen to Man or God Dwayne Ewers
5/6/2012 AM Acts 4:23-31 Boldness to Preach in Jesus’ Name Ben Dockery
5/13/2012 AM Acts 4:32-5:11 Half Truths, Full Graves Nathan Sing
5/20/2012 AM Acts 5:12-42 Obedient, Jailed, and Persecuted:  The Unstoppable, Spirit-led Apostles as an Example for 21st Century Believers Dwayne Ewers
5/20/2012 PM Jonah 3, 4 I am Jonah Nathan Sing
5/27/2012 AM Acts 6:1-7 Church Leadership: Deacons Ben Dockery