Cleaning of VSBC – The Plan of Attack!

Today at 2:00 is a “rough clean” —
Anyone willing to help sort through leftover day care items is needed.
We will set out junk items and set aside good items for other day care centers in the area. The goal is to be done in one hour! Your help is needed to make this happen.

September 20 is “the deep clean” —
Starting at 9:00am, the entire building will be cleaned from top to bottom, front to back, left to right. Things will be moved, dusted, scrubbed,vacuumed and put back in it’s place.
Bring your brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, chemicals, gloves and your servant attitude.

What will we do with ourselves now?
Many people have many good ideas for what we should do now — with the building, with ministry opportunities, etc.
A brain storming session will be held after the deep clean. This discussion will continue during the October business meeting. This is your chance to help decide where we go from here — be a part or sit back and enjoy the ride!