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March 21, 2010 PM Worship

Pastor Ben Dockery opened tonight’s service with a reading from John 13:31 and following, then prayed for blessing during the teaching from God’s Word. Mickie Bainter, with the help of two school-agers, lead the gathered in two songs from the Baptist Hymnal

514/When All Get to Heaven

515/There is a Land That is Fairer Than Day

Tyler Whittman, who was recently accepted in the doctoral program at Southern Seminary, brought a message titled “Restlessness and the Christ of Creation,” and was taken from Colossians 1.

Paul references Genesis, and the Tree of Life that God gave to His children. Humanity has always been in need of a Tree of Life. Paul is reminding the Colossians that Christ is the embodiment of the invisible God and is the wisdom of God, the new tree of life.

The same God that created us is the same God that saved us.

We fail to see how God has patterned the world.

We are called to be faithful to our work

We not NOT called to be restless in our work

This is true in both our secular work and our ministerial work

What happens when we become restless in work

Time becomes the enemy

Focus goes off of Christ and the order of things God put in place

Easy to fall into idolatry

The whole of creation

We were created for Christ and Christ came for us

There is no “Sacred” vs. “Profane”

We can honor God in our work, as our work can honor God.

It is because of atonement that you have a ministry of atonement.

God is establishing Shalom on Earth.

Everyone on Earth is sacred; He created it. He wants it back. He is redeeming it all because He created it all.

This man, Jesus, has a universal relevance.

By the blood of His cross, He is the Light of this world.

How do we know this when there seems to be so much devastation in the world.

It doesn’t make sense from a human perspective. It only makes sense when looked at through the lens of Christ.

Paul calls Christ the First Born from the dead. There will be a second born from the dead too. The entire story of the world is found in the story of Christ coming back from the dead.

There is no fear of death when one realizes death a defeated enemy. In Christ, there is no death, only life everlasting.

You can listen to the sermon by clicking on the player, or right-click on the link and save the file to your computer.

March 21, 2010 PM (Tyler Wittman)

The service ended with a closing prayer, led by Pastor Ben.