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September 25, 2011 AM Worship

On this first Sunday of fall, members and guests gathered at Vine Street Baptist Church for worship.  The service opened with a reading of Psalm 16 and a prayer, led by Deaconess Betty Jeffries. Minister of Praise and Worship, Dr. Johann Kim (returning from a four week trip to South Korea), said that Psalm 16 is a happy one, saturated with God’s faithfulness in His children.  Kim lead the congregation in an opening set of songs and hymns.

  • The Power of the Cross
  • Resurrection Hymn
  • O Jesus, I Have Promised
  • Search Me, O God

After a time of fellowship, Pastor Ben Dockery brought some announcements to everyone’s attention:

  • Overview of today’s sermon from James 2:14-26
  • Thanks for those who attended and helped with the Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Block party is on Friday, including live music from the Bates Family Singers, food and a movie
  • Health concerns and praises

Before the offering was collected, the congregation sang “I Surrender All.” Deacon Gary Cook prayed over the offering, then a video of the winner of Vine Street Baptist Church’s scholarship award was shown on the big screen. The choir sang “O the Love of My Redeemer” by Jesh Caterer, then Pastor Ben delivered a sermon titled “Does Your Faith Work?”

The full audio can be heard by clicking on the link below, or right-click and select Save As to save the file to your computer.

September 25, 2011 AM James 2:1-26 Does Your Faith Work, Part 1 (Ben Dockery)

James is asking: Do you have real faith or do you have false faith? At the end of the day, does it matter?

Things society thinks will save them:

  • Knowlege
  • Serving others
  • Finances

Actually, we have offended God. We are going to receive His judgement. James had to correct the early churches that it is Jesus who saves of from God’s Judgement. It is through faith that we are saved.

James knew that some would try to trick him and say “You have faith, we have works.” But James tries to show them you can’t have one without the other. He uses Rahab as an example, as well as a body without a spirit.

At the conclusion of the sermon, the gathered sang “Faith is the Victory.” Before a benediction reading led by Pastor Ben, the congregation sang “Happy Birthday” to Megan Shouse, for today was her birthday.