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Sunday, August 31 2008 Morning Worship

Today presents Minister Johann Kim’s final Sunday as a staff member. Kim planned and presented a service of praise and worship around many well known hymns and scripture text.

Betty Jeffries opened the service with a reading from Psalm 34:1-10, then prayed for the service. Kim led the congregation in a set of hymns focusing on gathering and worshipping Jesus Christ.

  • Hymn 36 – Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him
  • Hymn 379- Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
  • Hymn 140 – Down at the Cross
  • Hymn 177 – There’s Something About That Name

After a time of welcome, the choir and Kim led the entire congregation in Hymn 60 – Be Thou My Vision. Pastor Michael Snearly then had a pastoral prayer, which everyone in the congregation held hands in unity. A special thanks was offered up to God for seeing this congregation through the transition of the Child Development Center being closed, finding places for all the children and providing a job for the staff members who went looking for where He was leading.

Hymn 192 – Soon and Very Soon was enthusiastically sung after Matthew 25;1-13 had been read my Gary Cook. The offering was received while Hanna Kim played an instrumental piece.

Today, Snearly focused on Genesis 3 in a message titled “Paradise Lost.” The passage about the fall of man, of Adam’s and Eve’s rebellion and the separation from God that it created. Like a wedding ring lost in the ocean, we can be found again. Jesus came to seek what is lost and separated. An audio file of the sermon is available on request. Please send an email to

After Hymn 54 – Great is Thy Faithfulness was sung during a time of invitation, announcements were presented, followed by Promotion Sunday where several children where handed certificates and congratulated for moving up in the Sunday School program.