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They came, they worked, they had a blessed time

Members of Vine Street Baptist Church once again hosted a team of missionaries from the University of South Florida.  After an 18 hour drive from Tampa, FL., the team rested on Sunday and attended services at VSBC and Sojourn, then hit the ground running by working daily with the Hope Program at Jeff Street Baptist Shelter.

Morning and evening meals were provided by members of VSBC (a big, big thanks to Michele Cull for coordinating and doing most of the cooking).  In addition, we were able to host these student missionaries with help from Southern Seminary by letting them use the locker room for showers, and for Baxter Avenue Baptist Church by letting the boys (men, really) stay in their building at night.

Even after a hard day’s work at the Shelter, the team did a little housekeeping around the VSBC building.  The upstairs windows were given a good, thorough cleaning like they haven’t had in years, and some equipment in the kitchen were given quite a bit of old fashion elbow grease cleaning.

The team departed this past Friday morning, and arrived safely back in Tampa around midnight.  We are blessed to have had them here, and know that good things happened at Jeff Street.