Transition Team

It was announced several weeks ago that Senior Pastor Spencer Harmon would be leaving Vine Street Baptist Church and move to Florida. While the entire church community was sad to see the Harmon family leave, it was discussed and agreed that a Transition Team would be put in place while a new Senior Pastor is sought.

The Transition Team is responsible for maintaining current ministry programming, ensuring that the preaching and teaching would continue without interruption. Members of the Transition Team meet regularly to plan the worship services, make sure that any spiritual needs are being met, and to pray for the membership.

The team includes:

  • Dan Webb, Leader
  • Justin Francis
  • Joshua McCarthy
  • Nolan Hodge

The Deacons of the church thank these people for stepping up and to serve the church in this way.

03/03/2019 – Derek Webb has stepped down from the Transition Team for personal and family reasons. VSBC would like to thank him for his willingness to serve.