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Audio links updated

We have spent some time combing through the last two years worth of links that point to the recorded sermon audio files. We think we have corrected all the links so you can download them or listen to them right in your web browser.

In order to download the file, so you can move it over to your MP3 player for example, simply right-click on the link and select Save Link As (or similar command, depending on your browser). You should get a dialog box, which will allow you to specify the location to save the file.

To play the sermon audio online, while still connected to the Internet, simply click the link. A new tab or window will open and the file will stream to your computer and through your speakers.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, or if you happen across a link that still does not work, please send a friendly email to us.  We can be reached at  We’re glad to help where we can.

Peace be with y0u.