August 30, 2009 AM Worship Service

On a cool, bright Sunday morning, members and guests at Vine Street Baptist Church gathered together to worship the Lord and learn more about Him.

The service opened with a reading from Psalm 62, as Deacon Wally Jeffries read the passage and prayed for the services today.  Minister of Worship and Praise, Johann Kim, led the congregation through a series of songs that focused on praising God

  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • We Praise You, O God, Our Redeemer
  • Lamb of God

Kim wrapped up the opening set of songs with a little instruction – the next song being very introspective

  • Search Me O God

When this quiet hymn concluded, Kim welcomed everyone and encouraged everyone to fellowship for a few moments.  When this time came to an end, the choir ensemble sang the first three versus of “Let Jesus Come into Your Heart”, and the congregation sang with them on the fourth verse.

Interim Pastor Ben Dockery read a letter from former Associate Pastor, Josh Cornett, then lead the gathered in a pastoral prayer and a recitation of The Lord’s Prayer.  Kim introduced this morning’s Scripture Reading of Luke 10:25-37, explaining that music composed just for this passage brings out the trickery that the expert of the Law (the one created) was trying to use with Jesus (the Creator).  Mickie Bainter read the passage. then the entire body sang “Open My Eyes, That I May See.”

While tithes and offerings were collected, an introduction to today’s message was presented.  A series of different images of Jesus, created over the centuries, was shown.  The slide show was set to the music of Fernando Ortega’s “Sing to Jesus.”

Today’s message, “Jesus Walks, Reject or Repent,” based on Mark 6, focused on the different images people have about Jesus.  Some are correct, and some are wrong.  Thinking about this passage, and the images recently displayed, Dockery encouraged those listening to take an honest evaluation of who they think Jesus is.  Furthermore, if that image is fearful, it does not need to be — God has made a way for us to approach Christ without fear.  We can approach His resurrected body.  Dockery concluded that there are two options: Reject Him, or Repent and fall on our knees in front of Him.

A time of response was given, and “Great is They Faithfulness” played during this time.