August 30, 2009 PM Worship Service

Interim Pastor Ben Dockery opened the Evening Worship Service with prayer.  Two hymns were sung:

  • 364/Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine
  • 374/Your Supper, Lord, Before Us Spread (v1, v3)

These two hymns were sung with intention, because tonight’s focus on church history was on The Reformation.  The lesson started with a review

  • Persecution
  • Constantine
  • Creeds & Councils
  • 1517 – Luther

We arrived at “the split” tonight with the “Four Horsemen” (the big players) of the reformation and what they focused on:

  • Luther – Doctrine
  • Calvin – Theology
  • Zwingli – Social/Political
  • Knox – Presbyterian

The lesson continued with a fairly detailed history on the English Reformation (and how Henry VIII and his wives had an effect on the church), the Radical Reformation (including a little bit of information on the Anabaptists, Mennonites, Amish), and the Counter Reformation.  This brought us up to 1648 in the church time line.